CavaBike Noleggio Bici Desenzano del Garda


For your bicycle,
the best place.

In addition to the road.

CavaBike Noleggio Bici Desenzano del Garda


A wide range of quality bicycles for rent, light, safe and fun, including pedal assisted electric bicycles. Thanks to our experience we could offer you the best bike tours to discover Lake Garda.

Pure leisure

Discovering Lake Garda by bicycle.


Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bicycle ride.


From January 2018 the historic bicycle shop in Via Annunciata in Desenzano will reopen its doors at full speed.
Cava Bike rental of both traditional walking bikes and e-bikes, pedal assisted electric bicycles, as well as assistance and assembly and sale of new and used items.


The air of love for bicycles breathes in the shop.


Passion cannot be described, it can only be lived.

CavaBike Noleggio Bici Desenzano
Noleggio City Bike Cava Bike Lago Di Garda


A vast assortment of new bicycles of the best brands of all types and a section of used bicycles at a good price, verified and controlled. We are also specialized in repairs and services dedicated to every type of bicycle.

The best brands

A wide range of selected products.

For you

The right bicycle and our assistance for everyone.


If you’re planning a visit to Desenzano del Garda, don’t let your suitcases slow down your trip. With my luggage storage service, you can explore this enchanting location on the shores of Lake Garda without any additional burden.

Absolute Comfort
Located in a strategic position in the heart of Desenzano del Garda, the CavaBike luggage storage offers you maximum convenience. You can store your bags quickly and easily, taking the burden off while enjoying your visit.

Guaranteed safety
The safety of your appliances is my top priority. With advanced security systems and reliable staff, you can have the peace of mind of leaving your bags with me safely.

Hourly Flexibility
Whether it’s for a couple of hours or the whole day, my luggage storage service offers total flexibility. You can drop off and collect your bags according to your travel needs.

Convenient Rates
I offer competitive rates for my luggage storage service, ensuring excellent value for money for you.

CavaBike Deposito Bagagli Desenzano del Garda
Tour Enogastronomici Lago di Garda


Are you looking for a unique experience that combines respect for the environment, physical activity and culinary delights? CavaBike offers you the perfect opportunity with its bike tours on Lake Garda, where you can explore one of the most fascinating jewels of Italy and taste the local food and wine excellences.

Why choose the CavaBike Cycling Tour on Lake Garda?

Routes Suitable for Everyone
Our itineraries are personalized for cyclists of all levels, from beginners to the most expert, and are enriched by food and wine breaks where you can taste local wines, olive oil and typical Garda dishes.

Exploration of Historical, Naturalistic and Food and Wine Points of Interest
Each bike tour is an opportunity to discover not only breathtaking views and cultural treasures, but also to stop in wineries, oil mills and trattorias where culinary tradition blends with history.

Commitment to Sustainable Tourism
Our tours promote tourism that respects the environment and enhances local resources, including food and wine, helping to support the local economy.

Expert and Passionate Guides
Our guides, in addition to being cycling experts, are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge of the region’s typical products, making each stage a lesson in taste and tradition.


A passion,two wheelsand a long way ahead.


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