Choosing an E-Bike

E-bikes are means that differ significantly from a traditional MTB and therefore there are many factors to consider when buying an e-bike.

Double suspension

Speaking of e-bikes, the rear suspension is useful for those who use this vehicle on the same paths and in the same contexts where they usually go with a traditional MTB. So, for more experienced bikers, double suspension is recommended if they want to use the e-bike in a demanding way.
It is also recommended for those with little experience and are interested in trying these vehicles not only on the dirt road, but also on single tracks.


If your goal is an e-bike as light as possible, agile and usable, possibly, even as a means of urban transport, the only front suspension is sufficient.
The hardtail e-bikes are still valid even in offroad, but perhaps they do not allow the speed and driving confidence of a full house.

Plus or standard rubber

A Plus tire offers the following advantages: better impact absorption, greater driving confidence on rocky terrain, greater grip both uphill and downhill.
Disadvantages? The tire, being bigger, has a greater weight and this slows down the changes of direction while driving, the adhesion on wet-muddy surfaces is not at the maximum and to contain the risk of punctures the tires must be of high quality and tubeless .

With standard tires the driving of an e-bike is closer to that of a traditional Mtb and driving is affected a lot.
First of all, the lightness compared to the Plus tires, the almost limitless availability of tires, compounds, treads and sizes and the feeling with driving is only altered by the presence and weight of the engine + battery, provided that you choose high-level tires.