Desenzano del Garda cycle path – Salò

Desenzano del Garda cycle path – Salò


The Valtenesi cycle path we could almost call it a greenway due to its accentuated naturalistic aspect. The cycle path is a long green corridor that unravels in the innermost hills of Brescia, perfect for cycling in the cool on hot summer days. In the many small valleys crossed, where the vegetation permits, vineyards and olive groves return, even in the most unthinkable places.

The itinerary begins above the town of Desenzano del Garda, the route is about 25 km long (one way) and presents an average difficulty.
You always ride on local cycle paths or low-traffic country roads.

Along the way, fields alternate with olive trees, vineyards, old farmhouses and mighty cypresses. The inhabited areas touched during the journey deserve a short detour to visit them, such as the Padenghe castle, the historic center of Polpenazze and the Salò lakefront.

This route is not a “pure” cycle path, that is, it is not on its own site but mainly winds on roads (low traffic), therefore it is NOT recommended to travel it with young children because of the stretches of road with medium traffic, and the several short climbs present.

The route is suitable for anyone with a minimum familiarity with the bike, for all types of bikes, from the very special road with clincher (there are several dirt roads) but also city bikes as long as you have a change to be able to face the short climbs present .

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